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Our Story

Roan William McClain passed away on Wednesday January 30th, 2019 at the young age of 16. He died by suicide. 


He was born premature (weighed 3.2lbs), but he was feisty and tenacious.

Roan was a deep thinker and an “old soul” he loved to read and loved nature. He was a philosopher by heart and loved to debate and challenge any argument. He loved to camp, hike and cared about the environment. He loved good food and was an avid photographer.


Roan loved to travel and talked about studying abroad one day. His friends described him as sweet, caring, and funny. They also described him as fearless. They said he introduced them to new ways of thinking, new music and just a different ways of looking at life.   He was patient and loving with little kids and loved being a teen-aid for the University of Utah summer theater program. 


Roan touched many people’s lives in his short time on earth. He felt deeply the injustices of the world, the struggles of his friends, and the endangered state of the environment. He helped many others that were struggling but couldn't get over the waves for himself. 

We pass on the message of hope and perseverance for him and the many others that struggle and we provide support and connection to those that have lost loved ones. 

If you are ever feeling lost in the water - please remember to Roan Roan Roan
Your Boat 

RoanYourBoat was Roan's social media "handle" and he would sing the lyric's of Row Your Boat but with Roan as the replacement for Row. The song has deep meaning as a metaphor for life. RoanYourBoat was given a visual image by a close friend and artist Sierra Brundage; this led to many synchronistic events that culminated in the non-profit foundation and our goal to pass on the message.


RoanYourBoat came to symbolize hope and perseverance, the idea that you can ride the waves that inevitably come in life.  That below the chaos of the waves is a deep stillness that can be accessed. 

Life is But a Dream

The Story of RoanYourBoat

Sierra Brundage:  I have completed my best work when I am finding deep meaning behind the art I create, sending a message within the images. Suicide awareness has become that message for me and the force that drives my paintings.  Roan Your Boat was inspired by Roan W. McClain's life and death.  You are in control of your boat and in times of trouble there is always hope, just keep rowing.  A message to continue to push through, because there will be calmer waters ahead. 


The tree of life with the semicolon leaves exemplifies loved ones that we have lost through suicide, remembering and honoring what they gave to the world. It also symbolizes strength and flexibility that allows trees to withstand harsh conditions; they live on forever through their deep roots and the leaves they shed. The tree of life symbol is used throughout history and religion to symbolize the connection between heaven and earth. 

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