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Memorial Dedication 2021

The event took place over the first weekend following the graduation class of 2021. The goal was to provide congratulatory and positive messages to Roan’s classmates and other students as they begin planning for their futures. 

During the event, Michelle Nelson, leader of the Roan William McClain Foundation shared the vision and purpose -- to honor and give meaning to the struggles that come in life. Her message was clear and a reminder to all of us that we can persevere through difficult times. Especially now, more than any other time, personal and collective healing is necessary.

memorial stone.jpg

On June 6, 2021, more than 130 people attended our first public event at Fitts Park in Salt Lake City, Utah to learn more about the Roan William McClain Foundation and to honor all those loved ones that have been lost to suicide or other struggles.


In addition, the event provided the perfect backdrop to dedicate a beautiful plaque placed at the base of the Burr Oak tree -- planted last year in memory of Roan and all the others who have lost their lives to suicide.

The packed day included Yoga in the park, a Feather Ceremony, Rock painting where attendees painted positive messages on the rocks and took them home or passed them on for others to find. Several takeaways included ice cream, crisis resources, grief resources, healing power pocket malas and stone bracelets, and gun locks for anyone that wanted to keep their guns safe at home.

As the guests talked about the efforts and engaged with foundation volunteers, it was clear that they came with their own stories and took away a lot of knowledge about building resiliency with hope and perseverance.

michelle with kids.jpg

Thank you to all the people that made the event possible; Carrie Marcos and Heather from Solstice spices for the Yoga practice, Tami Cummings and her family the beautiful Oak Tree they planted. The youth bands, Maeve Barnum with Apricate and Jacob Peterson. And a big shoutout to our family members and all the volunteers (Deneise Coughlin and her daughter Kylee) who helped to support our event and those who sent in donations which will continue to help the foundations mission – we are forever grateful. Thank you.

Check out the article written about Roan and the foundation in our community paper - The Sugar House Community Journal.

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