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Intention Setting - Vision Board Workshop

January 2021

We kicked off the New Year with our first Intention Setting - Vision Board Workshop. 


The theme focused on opening the third eye chakra utilizing the amethyst crystals for a deeper inner knowing. 

Intentions are about aligning ourselves with the life we want – Not Goals, Not Resolutions, not SHOULDS. It is about allowing our soul, and our intuition to have a louder voice than the egoist parts of ourselves. The Intention Setting - Vision Board workshop is not about self-improvement, rather it is about life-enhancements. The beauty of in setting intentions is that you can't fail and your intentions will get you closer and closer to what you desire, even if you do not get there in a month or a year. Put away the comparisons and measuring stick and dive in to the deeper knowing of the possibilities for your life.

Events, groups, and classes are a special way to learn, grow, and connect. If you are interested in joining a future session, please send us an email and we will include you on the invite list. 

10-Day virtual fundraiser "Attitude of Gratitude" Challenge!

October 16-26, 2020


Discover how powerful appreciation can be, individually and collectively.

We are excited to announce the formation of the Roan William McClain – RoanYourBoat Foundation. We believe that the timing could not be better, especially during this chaotic time where we are reminded of the heartbreaking struggles and tragedies taking place every day around the world all the while in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This is in line with our vision for the foundation, which is built on bringing hope, resiliency, and healing through connection, creativity, and nature to those that are struggling to find strength and a newfound purpose and meaning in life. Our logo (see about us) symbolizes the ability to get through the waves that inevitably come with life. If you find yourself in the waters, you can Roan Roan Roan your boat.

While we are in the infancy stage of launching the foundation, it is our continued goal to partner with other organizations that promote awareness and education around mental health, suicide, and grief.

We will be offering supportive groups and activities focused on nature, creativity, and connection.

It can be surprisingly easy to lose sight of our blessings.

That is why we believe now – is the time to shift our energy and focus – by spreading and promoting positive

messages and offering ways to heal.

Take a stand and join us – starting Oct. 16 through Oct. 26 to deepen into an “Attitude of Gratitude” in support of mental health and suicide prevention.

End each day with a reflection on something you are grateful for by posting a remembrance and/or your support for suicide prevention and mental well-being by sharing photos and stories of hope and empower others to be there for those in distress. Please use the hashtag #RoanYourBoat, #AttitudeofGratitude and tag the Facebook Event.  In addition, if you are able to provide a gift please use the donation link above. Each dollar received will go towards supporting those in need, tree planting in memory of a family member andfuture events. 

Aside from cultivating a state of grace, compassion and connection, living in a state of gratitude has a host of incredible physical and psychological benefits. You may notice as you attune yourself to notice blessings you’re more in the moment, more centered and calmer. And when you attune to your blessings, you may notice just how many of them there are!

To help kick off the challenge, our team here at the Roan William McClain – RoanYourBoat Foundation, has shared their messages of gratitude and reminders. 

In October, we spent the day supporting a community event with Tree Utah a local organization planting trees and plants. Our mission was two fold -- to replace trees that had fallen during a recent storm and we planted several in memory of someone we have lost. 

Planting trees on someone's behalf is a great way to honor someone - and since trees provide so many natural benefits, it is a gift that keeps on giving. 

We were able to dedicate a tree for Roan's birthday (Oct. 26) at Fitts Park for Roan's birthday.


What an awesome experience to be able to honor Roan and help the community and the environment.

Community Tree Planting with TreeUtah

October 26, 2019

In September, family and friends traveled far and wide, to gather together and participate in the Salt Lake City Out of Darkness Walk. The annual walk is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to promote suicide awareness, education, and research. 

In memory of Roan William McClain, our team raised over $6,000.00 and we were one of the top 10 teams to raise the most donations in Utah. 

AFSP - SLC Out of Darkness Walk

September 19, 2019

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